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Empowering social impact organisations with no-code technology.

Our mission is to train charities and non-profits to solve social problems using low-cost, scalable no-code technology.

We will be launching in Q2 2020. Enter your email address to get notified when we launch.

What is no-code technology?

No-code tools enable people to build web and mobile apps without needing any programming skills. There are an increasing number of platforms offering ever-improving functionalities and user experience, making it possible for almost anyone to build useful, scalable tools at minimal cost.

Upskill and empower your team

Building with no-code is so accessible that most of your team will be able to do it, meaning you retain the knowledge in-house.

Maintain it yourself

With no-code there is no need to ask a developer or app agency every time you need something updated. Because you built it yourself, you can maintain it and improve it yourself.

Test ideas quickly

No-code tools make it possible to build fully functional apps in the same time it would take to plan them, meaning you can try out ideas quickly and learn from real users.

Solve problems at scale

Technology has the unique ability to scale rapidly and at low cost. If you can identify the right solution, it has the potential to impact a large number of beneficiaries.

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